Driving along through wonderful Fort Worth, Texas when traffic comes to a screeching halt. After a few minutes one lane starts to move again and there appears the reason for the brakes a seizin'. A fine horse, saddle and all, limping around in the middle of the freeway, the innocent victim of a brutal attack by one of Deutschland's most notorious, Mercedes Benz. The horse while appearing to have a very badly injured leg but still standing appeared to fair better than the Mercedes who spilled it's glass and plastic from it's starboard side all over the roadway.

Two hours later I drove back past headed the other direction and there was fire and police vehicles as well as a flat bed trailer and some other equipment. The freeway was completely closed about a half mile before the scene of the crime and all cars forced to exit. As is probable in an incident involving a horse, if it's legs are badly injured they are often put down. As of this time I have not been able to find any additional info regarding the incident and do not know the condition of the horse or it's rider nor the Mercedes and it's driver and can only speculate as to why this Mercedes decided to attack the poor animal on this stretch of freeway.

Also, there was a horse on the freeway.

Picture is of the scene minutes after the incident. The horse was trying to walk around until the intrepid young man on the motorcycle stopped to help calm it down and traffic stopped trying to squeeze past it as the first few cars on scene did. It stopped in the left lane after a couple minutes and the police then arrived via the median from opposing lanes of traffic and everyone began to move into the right lane opening up the only chance I had to really get a shot without causing any further incidents as I was already dead stopped when I took the picture. The Mercedes is in the distance, left side of road blocked from view by the motorcycle rider.